Campbell’s Hamster

Campbell’s Hamster

Automatic recycling bin

Automatic recycling bin HAMSTER is a product of the XXI century, which perfectly fits into public spaces that generate a great deal of waste in short periods of time. That’s a product that not only significantly simplifies the process of storing waste but is also environmentally-friendly. Its major advantages are:

Waste compression, which minimises the number of waste containers needed for the storage of waste, which ultimately saves a large amount of money.
Separation of fluids from solid waste, which prevents unpleasant smells.

Full automatics, thanks to which the user does not have to touch the bin lid, which ensures hygiene at the highest level.
Low-maintenance, which is guaranteed by sensors that notify maintenance workers, when the bin is filled in 80 per cent.
Innovative design, which adds many aesthetic values to every place.

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